Why choose me over an established Agency?

There are a number of reasons:


How do you price a job?

The first thing I do is break down the project into tasks and sub-tasks. Once I have a thorough list of tasks and sub-tasks I assign times to each. I then add up the individual times and multiple it by my hourly rate (which is £50).

One thing I would like to stress is that if the work is ever completed under budget I will ALWAYS pass this reduced cost back to you.


Are you available for emergencies?

Yes, I have the office number redirected to my personal mobile during out-of-office hours so I am always contactable.


What are your working hours?

I work Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm with an hour break at lunch.


If it’s just you, how can you ensure my query will be looked into quickly?

I only ever work with a maximum of two clients at once. This ensures that I am always available to chat about their project at any given moment