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Having worked on a number of Magento websites over the last few years, I have gained first hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Because of this, every project starts life on my base Engine. This is essentially my recommended foundation for your online business; basics like correct element placement, SEO friendly code, extendable codebase, and installation of some of the best 3rd party extensions are already in place from the off..

My Engine includes (but not limited to):

1)Theme: (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Integration and Content)
2) Modules: (Menu/Navigation, Catalogue, Search, Checkout, Shipping, Payments and Content) and lastly
3) Performance Optimisation: (Google and your customer love and expect a fast site)

From this base foundation I look to add further features and extensions to suite your exact needs. It’s in no way the bee-all and end-all, just a fantastic starting point.


Magento is such a feature-rich eCommerce platform by default; it provides you absolute flexibility & control over your online presence.
Magento’s search engine optimisation, catalogue management and marketing tools give you the ability to create a website that offers an unrivalled shopping experience for your customers.

Its ability to integrate seamlessly into many 3rd party solutions gives you immediate scalability options not commonly available on other platforms.

I honestly believe that Magento is the ultimate eCommerce solution – It’s that good that I’ve only gone and dedicated the last 5 years of my career to it 😉



Magento 2 is better for your Business

Its Faster. Much Faster
Magento 2.0 + PHP7 + Varnish 4 handles 2.1 M more catalog views per hour. Magento 2.0 catalog pages are 48-55% faster than Magento 1.9. Magento 2.0 guest checkout is 35%  faster. There have also been huge framework improvements to the codebase.


Updated Admin-area
Is likely to improve agility and productivity when using the admin area. Enjoy managing your store on the go with a touch-screen friendly interface panel; fully customisable, allowing you to access important information quickly


Streamlined Checkout
Making it easier for your customers to complete their orders. This new checkout has less steps when creating a new account


Cutting-edge Technology Backend
Magento 2 comes out of the box with PHP 7, Varnish, Redis + many more


Platform Updates
Magento 1 will become unsupported from 2018. Magento 2 are having platform updating every quarter.



So, what’s involved in the Development of Magento 2 Website?

I’ve found that splitting the project into separate phases helps; it gives all parties involved specific goals to work towards.
I have outlined these phases below.

I am a huge fan of the Agile methodology – Its a proven way of working that delivers the best results for all parties involved; Time and time again.

Phase 1 of Magento 2 Development

Initial meet and greet

Your business is unique and in our initial meeting I get the opportunity to fully understand this uniqueness. I’m keen to learn how your business is run and how things are done behind the scene.

I love meeting new people and I personally believe that the core of any project is the relationship. Its hard to go wrong when there is a strong, respectful and responsible bond between two people.

Planning and Design

We then move on to the project at hand, discussing every page type and functionality at length; this way we are all clear of what’s expected. I will then get to work on an initial website concept and send over small batches of page types at a time; this will demonstrate how the website will look on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Once you are happy with the concept and sign off is given we will move to the next step.

Data Import

I then install the latest version of Magento 2 and start importing your product data (usually provided in .csv format). Sometimes additional data needs to be imported –for example PDF data sheets– which I will import as well. After I have imported all the data I begin the build on my development server which you will have access to via a link, so you can monitor progress.



Phase 2 of Magento 2 Development

Theme Development

Development of your new website can now begin in pixel perfect accordance with the signed off designs.

I am in constant contact, providing regular updates about the progress of the project. I will also invite your feedback and engagement from this early stage.

Training, Feedback and Implementation of feedback

As part of the project I ensure that you have the flexibility to change your mind on any functionality or design element. This also allows for unforeseen changes or new ideas so that your website has all the functionality you need.

Every new project includes training, which I recommend is split into two sessions. These can be done at your offices or any other location to suit you.

SEO tasks and Go-Live

Towards the end of the project I carry out several pre-launch SEO checks. These include (but not limited to):

  • Add Google Analytics and set up eCommerce tracking
  • Create url redirects so old pages are redirect to the new ones
  • Create, customise and upload the Robots.txt file to suit the new structure of your website


Phase 3 of of Magento 2 Development

Post Go-Live Support

Once your customers start using your new website, small bugs/issues/annoyances become apparent. I will be on hand to support you with any change that needs implementing. These include (but not limited to):

  • Additional changes to the design
  • Making changes to features or functionality
  • Implementation of new features and extensions
  • Magento patch installations

Shall we get the ball rolling?

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