Magento Optimisation

In order to speed up your Magento website effectively and to help boost its performance there are a number of things that can be done:

  • Configuration Settings: Making use of flat indexing, log clearing and indexing settings
  • Layout Analysis: Identify un-used blocks that could be affecting the websites’ performance
  • Code Optimisation: Finding and fixing code bottlenecks with the help of the profiler tool
  • Configurable products: Optimisation of how Magento renders these products
  • Load Testing: Testing how the website/server performs during peak conditions.
  • Cache Optimisation: By implementing Full Page Cache for the front-end and Redis for the Database
  • Hosting Optimisation: Taking advantage of automated scaling, load balancing and separate DB servers
  • Third-party Extensions: Removal of un-used header requests, code and database optimisation and bug finding/fixing
  • Images: Optimisation of requested catalog images, converting theme assets into sprite-sheets


  • Analysis

    I will conduct a deep analysis of your websites’ code, your Magento configuration settings, layout configurations as well as any 3rd party extensions you have installed.

  • Configuration

    I will configure your Magento installation correctly in regards to your specific needs, disabling any 3rd party extensions that are un-used and adding bloat to your websites performance.

  • Optimisation

    I will perform an all-encompassing optimisation of your web-store; including code performances, cache performances, front-end optimisations and hosting environment optimisations.

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