Magento Technical Audit

Having worked on a variety of Magento projects over the last few years, I have had first hand experience of what works and what doesn’t. I believe I have a really good understanding of whats effective for increasing conversion rates, what is good for performance and which third party extension vendors are better than others.

The purpose of this audit is to perform a technical health check of your website and to provide guidelines for improvements. It will give you a clear understanding whether best practices were used during your initial websites’ development as well as identify issues that could be damaging your sales flow.

I understand and appreciate the uniqueness of your business and want to make sure that you end up with recommendations that are actually based on the unique condition of your website. I make every recommendation objectively, evaluating risk on conversion metrics as well as implementation costs. Even if you believe your website is working well I believe there is still valuable information to be gained from this report;  Ideas and methodologies that can be used later in other website iterations/phases.


  • Extendability

    Website requirements change. Has your site been build so it can be extended?

  • Performance

    Could bad code be slowing down your site? Is the server powerful enough?

  • Security

    Is your Magento version running with the latest available security patches? Are your 3rd party extension up to date?

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