Magento Usability Audit

Website usability ensures that the elements that make up your website are easy to find, easy to read and easy to use with the goal of having the greatest impact on conversion rates. Users that cannot easily complete the actions they are trying to preform will get frustrated and leave.

My report will compare your store against common usability best practices with the goal of improving your websites functionality and increasing its conversion rate. I will provide you with insight into how to raise the general look of your website, increase consistency, reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

The process of doing this usability audit is not an automated one, a lot of time goes into doing it thoroughly. I understand and appreciate the uniqueness of your business and want to make sure that you end up with recommendations that are actually based on the unique condition of your website. All recommendations are made objectively, evaluating risk on conversion metrics and implementation costs.



  • Sales Flow

    Realistically, how easy is it to glide through your website and make a purchase without hindrance?

  • Element Location

    Are your websites elements in the correct location? Users are used to finding elements in the ‘normal’ location.

  • Trust Signals

    Are you providing enough trust to seal the deal? Users now expect certain trust signals when shopping online.

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